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The Best Whey Protein On The Market To Build Muscle


Types of Protein

Those new to health and fitness may be surprised to learn there is actually more than one type of protein. Combine this with the abundance of sources of protein and it can seem a little overwhelming. We have tried to break down the key types and will try to determine the best protein to build muscle and what you should be feeding your body during the recovery process.


Casein protein is a great protein that can be found in most cheese and milk products. It is also available in powder form. Casein’s nutrient profile allows it to release its amino acids into your bloodstream at a much slower rate of digestion than other types of protein. This is very beneficial when there is likely to be a long time your body will be going without eating protein such as before bedtime. Casein will taper the release of protein over the course of the night which can help with preventing muscle breakdown.



Soy protein is one of the few sources of protein for vegetarians. It is a vegetable sourced protein that also has glutamine and arginine in its profile which helps to prevent catabolism and keep your muscles recovering between workouts. While not as slow digesting as casein it is still relatively slow to digest and can actually work quite well (as does casein ) with another form of protein – Whey.



Known as the “king of proteins” and rightly so, whey protein is extremely beneficial when it comes to putting on muscle and kick-starting the recovery process. It is extremely fast at digesting and is perfect to take first thing in the morning or right after your workouts when your body is screaming out for protein as it seeks the nutrients it requires to recover. Whey is loaded with BCAAs that increase the level of absorption to make sure your muscles and body is actually getting the most out of the nutrition you’re feeding it.

So what are the best whey protein sources? While Milk has some whey (20% – the other 80% is casein) the best source of whey is the powder form. Some of these products are enhanced even further to increase the benefits of whey.


So what is the best protein on the market?

Well if you’re looking to pack on as much muscle as possible than by following what we have suggested so far – Put your muscles under stress and eat correctly to recover – you are going see some results. If you really want to super-charge your efforts and see the very best results you might what to consider getting a protein mass gainer supplement. The best product that we have come across that has all the nutrients that we outlined above is Dymatize Super Mass Gainer. This mass gainer has an excellent nutrient profile and comes packed with 1250 calories per serving!  It is a fantastic source of whey protein and one of the most effective and best whey protein supplements you are likely to find in the market.

Putting on muscle is a lot easier when you have an idea of how to go about the process and help your body recover to get the results you want. With all the research and information available today there is really no excuse to not be able to get results. By focusing on your workout routines and feeding your body the right nutrients to recover you are guaranteed to see results. Protein will help you get stronger and bigger and the Dymatize Super Mass Gainer we mentioned above could prove very beneficial if you’re looking to increase your gains as fast as possible. Just remember your will still have to the work in the gym but “smart work” is a lot better than running in circles and never feeding your body what it needs to recover.

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