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dymatize super mass gainer review

dymatize super mass gainer review


This is my Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Review. For more information  click the link below :

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Today we are going look at Dymatize Super Mass Gainer and see can the product back up its claims and prove the right supplement for you as you continue your muscle building journey.



Dymatize have been around since 1994 and are considered an industry leader in the nutritional supplement industry. They pride themselves on providing the safest and high quality products straight from their “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities. They provide their products to millions of fitness enthusiasts worldwide (spanning over 50 countries) so they have quite the hefty reputation behind them.

Dymatize are claiming that their Super Mass Gainer is one of their most advanced and exciting products ever which is quite a claim considering the history of the company.


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What is it?

This is a mass gainer powder product. It is perfect for those looking to gain strength and size. It is designed to be taking post workout in a shake to start your recovery in the best possible way. It comes in a variety of flavours such as Strawberry, Chocolate, Cookie and Cream, Vanilla and Banana. With that many flavors you are sure to find something you like.


What’s in it ?

Calories! There is an enormous 1280 calories per 2 serving scoop. Before you add the milk! And these aren’t “junk” calories either. The nutritional profile of this mass gainer is quiet impressive. Per 2 scoops there is 52 grams of protein and 252g grams of carbohydrate ( with only 19g being sugars). It also has few other muscle building additions that we will run through in just a little bit.


How is it different to other protein powders and mass gainers?

As mentioned increasing you calorie intake is key in gaining muscle and strength. But if one was to have a meal with 1280 calories they would be pretty guaranteed to have a few digestive issues as your body figures out how to handle all these excess calories.

This is what Dymatize are claiming their Super Mass Gainer does differently and better than any other on the market. They have created a blend with their patented “Zytrix” technology that is a digestive enzyme formula that will allow those using this gainer to take in the maximum calories and protein amounts without having digestive stress issues.


That’s not all Dymatize have managed to cram in to their gainer though. They have also included Creatine,BCAAS and L-Glutamine in this product. All these are significantly important when it comes to gaining muscle and strength and will provide a great boost to you efforts.


Creatine works by increasing your muscles ability to hold water and the amount of ATP energy your body can use. It is the most scientifically researched and proven supplement of all time and will increase your size,strength and energy during workouts.

Known as the building blocks of your body. Your muscle mass is actually made up of almost 35% BCAAS. They have been proven to play a vital role in repairing and building cells and muscle tissue between workouts. They also contribute to preventing your body becoming catabolic and remaining anabolic which is a scientific way to say it makes sure your body is building muscles and not breaking it down(which can happen when you do not get enough protein and nutrition).

Glutamine is another excellent scientifically proven addition to this gainer. It works by minimizing breakdown of muscle and increasing protein metabolism. It also helps keep your muscle full and hydrated which speeds up recovery between workouts and reduces DOMS for some gym goers.


Scientifically Proven!

These additions are all backed by research in their effectiveness in aiding recovery and gains from your workouts .There is no magic fix,powder or pill that works without effort. But as long as your willing to put the work in you are likely to see great results with the addition of Creatine, BCAAs and Glutamine alone! Never mind the extra protein and calories that are fundamental to strength and size gains.


Okay so the ingredients and contents are backed up and scientifically proven. But does this Mass Gainer actually work?


Here’s what people are saying about this Gainer.

“I needed some help to gain weight and this did the trick in a few weeks.”

“It is definitely the best tasting protein I have ever taken”

“It helped my recovery ten-fold which allowed me to workout more. I gained a lot in the strength and size department. Found it a little too sweet but the benefits were great!”

“I used it as a meal enhancer and not a meal replacement and it has worked great for me.”

So there is people seeing great results with this supplement. And they should be as Dymatize are claiming all the contents, ingredients and manufacturing are done to the highest quality standards.

mass 8There are so many companies claiming they have the “Secret” or the “Magic Formula” to gaining muscle and strength. Many feel overloaded with the amounts of products and supplements to choose from and rightly so. Many make wild unrealistic claims with little or nothing to back them up. Regarding this mass gainer we have broken it down to detail exactly what is included and what these contents do to help you in your goals. All the ingredients are scientifically researched and backed up by studies and results. Dymatize have included them all for a reason and with their high standard manufacturing process it is no wonder that many are seen exceptional results with this Mass Gainer.


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